Method of Consumption

Exploring Cannabis Consumption Methods for Your Ideal Experience

There are a number of ways to consume cannabis. Discovering the optimal way to enjoy cannabis hinges on your desired effects (your purpose) and the specific product you're using, as each consumption method, from inhalation to topical application, offers unique benefits tailored to individual needs. The primary ways to consume cannabis include inhalation, oral, sublingual, and topical, each with varying effects that cater to different purposes or experiences. Whether your purpose for consuming cannabis is for relaxation, medical reasons, or other personal preferences, selecting the right method is crucial. These categories encompass the broad spectrum of cannabis consumption, ensuring there's a perfect fit for everyone based on their specific desires and the cannabis product they choose to use.


Inhalation: Fast-Acting Effects

Inhalation delivers immediate results, making it a favorite for those seeking quick relief or enhancement. The two methods for inhalation of cannabis are smoking and vaping. Whether through smoking or vaping, inhaling cannabis allows active compounds to enter your bloodstream directly through the lungs.

Smoking: Utilize pipes, water pipes (bongs), joints, or blunts for a traditional experience. Smoking offers various options, from the simplicity of pipes to the smoothness of water-filtered smoke

Vaping: A modern alternative, vaping heats cannabis flower or cannabis flower derivatives to right below the point of combustion to release vapor, rather than smoke, minimizing tar and carcinogens, which many believe makes vaping a healthier alternative to smoking although the pros and cons are still being studied. Vaping has become very popular with the advent¬†of convenient and inconspicuous technology that¬†is optimized for Cannabis use. Use vaporizers for flower or concentrates, or opt for convenient vape pens for oils and distillates, or a dab rig,¬†which entails heating a glass, ceramic, or titanium ‚Äúnail‚ÄĚ and applying the concentrate directly to the hot surface, which turns it into vapor for consumption.¬†

Oral: Edibles/Beverages and Tinctures

Oral consumption, including edibles, beverages and tinctures, provide a different experience, with effects appearing later but lasting longer.

Edibles: Ingesting cannabis-infused foods or drinks causes cannabis to get absorbed through the digestive tract, and results in much more delayed onset compared to inhalation but arguably a more potent effect, ideal for sustained relief or enhancement. Edibles are one of the most straightforward consumption methods out there. Just eat or drink, swallow, and wait for the effects to kick in.

Tinctures: Created by steeping cannabis in alcohol, tinctures are absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue (sublingually). Sublingual application of cannabis-infused liquids offers quick absorption with a second, delayed effect of any remaining cannabinoids not absorbed sublingually passing through the digestive system. The dual absorption locations mean tinctures taken sublingually can have rapid onset of effects as well as another onset later, like an edible.  Effects of either can range anywhere between 20 minutes and three hours. 


THC subingualsSublingual: Quick and Discreet

Similar to tinctures, Sublingual's are moreso for rapid onset as opposed to a delayed one. Sublingual methods involve placing cannabis products, like a strip, under the tongue for rapid absorption into the bloodstream, offering a discreet and efficient alternative to inhalation or edibles.

Topical: Localized Relief

Topicals are more a delivery method than a consumption method. Topical products allow you to absorb cannabinoids through the skin, where they may provide localized effects for things like pain or muscle soreness. Unlike other consumption methods, you won't experience any psychoactive effects when using topicals. Topicals present a non-psychoactive option for localized effects, such as pain relief or muscle soreness, through skin absorption.

Choose the right method for you

Now that you understand the different consumption methods available, you're armed with the information to choose the right consumption method for you.