ABC's of cannabis

The Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis

Our mission at AlphaBud is to make cannabis accessible - specifically under the guise of purposeful and responsible use. We've put together a concise breakdown of what you need to know about getting the most out of cannabis products.

Why use cannabis?

Why use cannabis?

Cannabis is used for a variety of reasons including health and wellness, improving focus, inspirational purposes, socializing purposes, relaxation, aiding appetite, and as a sleep aid amongst many others.

Enhance your routine

Cannabis has been reported to heighten the senses and enhance your everyday routine. Cannabis has been reported to:

  • 🎨
    Boost Creativity
    Think in ways you may not have before. Cannabis has been reported to evoke creativity in its users with many artist, and others utilizing the plant for these effects.
  • 🎧
    Amplify Music
    Music sounds way better. Cannabis heightens certain senses and as a result makes the experience of listening to your favorite tunes that much more enjoyable. 
  • 📺
    Watch Movies
    Experience cinema in a different way. Cannabis has been reported to make the movie watching experience that much better in terms of enhancing sight and sound, as movies are an immersive experience where sight and sound are at the forefront.
  • Sleep
    Cannabis is well known to aid with sleep. Soothe your body, calm your mind and let cannabis induce a beautiful and restful sleep.
  • 🍴
    Who hasnt heard of the colloquial term made famous by cannabis, known as "the munchies"? Cannabis is well known to activate the appetite, and given that cannabis enhance the senses be prepared to really taste and enjoy your favorite dishes and snacks.
  • Have Sex
    Cannabis as mentioned is well known to enhance the senses. Sex is all about pleasure, and the senses so the combination has been known to make sex better and enhance orgasms.
  • 🏊
    Cannabis is also known to increase focus. As a result, you can get the most out of your workouts as you can really get in the zone.
  • Increase Focus
    Get zoned in. Cannabis can increase focus, and motivation. Mow through those tasks and errands with a new sense of purpose via cannabis.

Cannabis for health and wellness

Cannabis features active compounds called cannabinoids that have numerous positive effects on the mind and body. The two main cannabinoids are THC and CBD, which have differing effects but often work in conjunction with each other. 

Cannabis in many forms

Cannabis can come in many different forms and be enjoyed in many different ways. We promote the purposeful, and responsible use of cannabis and encourage the discovery of your Alphabud by educating yourself in store with one of our AlphaBud Cannaseurs in store, or on our site in our Discite Cannabis Section. 


Great for a sense of vitality, socializing, or eliciting your creativity

  • Stimulates mind and senses
  • Improves focus/concentration
  • Increases energy
  • Uplifts mood


Great for relaxation, and tapering off after work or aiding with sleep before bed.

  • Relaxes mind and body
  • Relieves pain and nausea
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Reduces anxiety


The cross or combination between the Sativa and Indica, that balances between the boosting and relaxing effects. 

  • The best of both Sativa & Indica
  • Balance between euphoria and relaxation
  • Can be sativa-dominant or indica-dominant
  • Hundreds of options to choose from


Great for aiding in relief, and if you are looking for no psychoactive effects. 

  • Little to no “high”
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Alleviates chronic pain
  • Post-exercise recovery

Methods of Consumption

Innovations in cannabis have effectively made it so we can choose numerous methods of enjoying cannabis, and can choose the method that best suits your needs, and matches your lifestyle. 


How high do you want to get?

Depending on your purpose you may want to consider the amount of cannabis that you 're consuming.  Speak to one of our AlphaBud Cannaseurs in store or our use one of our self serve stations that can also assist in being your guide you to your Alphabud. .

How long do effects last?

The effects of cannabis can last from 1 to 6 hours depending on the individual consumer